You need a website that can keep up.

That’s why we build our websites on WordPress – they stand the test of time and grow with your business.

Making your business profitable can be overwhelming – your website shouldn’t be part of the problem.

WordPress is a well known content management system (CMS) used for web content publishing and administration. Often used for online journals or websites, WordPress makes it simple and easy to get your new web development project off the ground. Have an existing website? Simply Human is ready to help with that too!

Why WordPress?

WordPress is built on open source, allowing the growth of an ecosystem of thousands of plugins that reduce website development time dramatically. This ecosystem leads to a constantly evolving piece of software that is getting more secure and useful every day. The learning curve to get started is very low, and it’s easy to use WordPress to make your own customized blog or site.

How Does it Work?

First you need a server for your website. You can either buy your own or use our custom hosting solutions (we’re always happy to help with questions). You can then simply install the latest version of WordPress and start on your journey to a website! One thing to remember is that even though it’s easy to get started, the success of your business depends on the speed and effectiveness of your WordPress website.

This is where we get to work. We’re experts in the vast and deep landscape of themes, widgets, and plugins that are available for WordPress, and we build with your business goals in mind. We start by understanding your branding and business image and then our designers and developers craft custom solutions to meet your needs.

WordPress Features

Since it’s always evolving, WordPress provides an impressive list of features that simply can’t be matched with other content management systems. Key features come standard, and your Simply Human expert can simply expand that list of capabilities by writing custom code.

Some helpful features:

Pages: Pages are where you keep your content. On a WordPress blog, example pages could be “About,” “Contact,” and “Portfolio.”

Comments: An often-requested feature by customers of online news websites or other blogs is a commenting system. WordPress has a robust system that allows admins to approve or reject comments before they are posted.

Spam Protection: We’ve all seen those websites overrun with spam comments – it can destroy the professionalism and credibility of a website. WordPress protects you by automatically filtering out spam comments and only allowing comments constructive to conversation.

Multiple Authors and Users: Some websites require multiple people publishing different types of content and articles with different access levels. WordPress can help here, too. A built-in permission system allows you to assign users exactly the permission they need to make sure they can perform their tasks.

There are many more features we just don’t have room to cover here. A Simply Human expert is prepared to help you with any questions or custom features needed for your specific business case.

We know how challenging it can be to find time to create and update a WordPress website in your busy schedule! That’s why Houston based Simply Human is here to help you with all your website needs.

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