Our 4 step process puts you ahead of the game.

We believe every successful web project starts with customers in mind.

That’s why we start by understanding exactly who we’re serving.


Data First.

Our data-driven approach starts by separating what works from what doesn’t.

Installing and monitoring tracking scripts on your existing website allows us to determine the content and sections visited most often by customers.

These behavior-driven insights allow us to surface the most relevant content once we enter the redesign stage of the process.



Before we start picking out color swatches for the design or writing a single line of code, we put your website ahead of the pack by identifying who your customers are (personas) and their underlying needs through user stories.

This results in a streamlined website with less “feature-bloat” and more clarity on what to feature and what to tuck away.


Personalized Design.

Using the data captured by tracking and building user stories, we move into the design step.

In this stage, we custom-craft a web design that’s targeted to help achieve your goals and help customers find exactly what they’re looking for, simply and easily.


Fast and Responsive Development.

Once the design step is complete, we build your website using the most current technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Drupal, and other systems to ensure that it’s fast, secure, and works on mobile devices of all sorts.

We also include SEO to make sure your customers can find your new online home easily from search engines.

Sound like what you’re looking for?

Simply Human

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